Avis teams up with Discovery to launch driver-safety app


Fleet rental company, Avis in partnership with Discovery Insure announced on Monday their launch of Safe Drive. The app will be available to all Avis car rental customers on both IOS and Android in 10 locations.

We’re excited to partner with Discovery Insure to launch Avis SafeDrive to encourage our customers to have a safer driving experience,” says Rainer Gottschick, the chief executive at Avis Rent a Car SA.

The app, which costs R45 per day, will consist of various features:

  • Impact Alert — an automatic alert immediately sent to Discovery Insure Emergency Services once you’ve been in a collision, alerting help in the event that you yourself cannot.
  • Panic Button — Pressing your smartphone’s power button five times will trigger a call for help to be dispatched to your location immediately.
  • Emergency Call Centre — The app gives you access to Avis’ 24-hour breakdown service and emergency call centre.
  • Weather Warning — In the event of a server storm, depending on where you’re headed, the app will send you a warning via SMS to stay off the road.

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Avis data shows that rental cars are involved in a higher rate of accidents due to the frequency of their use and because clients use them with less caution than they would their own vehicles,” said Gottschick. 

With Avis SafeDrive, clients receive immediate feedback on their driving through the app, and are guided to accumulate points for good driving to unlock daily rewards such as a free coffee, smoothies or meals,” he continued. 

Discovery’s telematics technology is able to measure and report in real-time your vehicle’s acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, drive time etc. says COO of Discovery Insure Francois Theron.

Discovery Insure’s accident frequency has dropped by 11% over 5 years as a result of rating and incentivising clients to improve their driving behaviour,” said Theron.