Discovery Vitality rates best drivers, fittest people by city


Discovery Vitality’s newly released report ‘Road to a Healthier South Africa’ has analysed the exercising and driving behaviour of more than half a million of its members – and its findings show a correlation between how we move and how we drive.

Cape Town fares best in terms of both physical activity and driver behaviour, giving it a superior health and safety profile. The famously chilled Capetonians have logged more gym visits, daily steps and outdoor activities than Pretoria residents – the city that comes in second. Durban drivers came off worst, with driving behaviour measuring 11% less than Cape Town – and Durbanites only manage fourth place when it comes to keeping fit. Bloemfontein is the least active city, scoring a full 35% less than Cape Town.

Statistics show that every second adult in South Africa is not getting enough physical activity – more than double the global average of 23% – making us one of the most inactive countries below Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Malaysia. In addition, our roads are among the most dangerous, with a death toll of 22.5 for every 100 000 people.

It’s no surprise that the illness and death burden is costing our economy – South Africans have to do more to change their behaviour. Discovery is trying to do just this by making Vitality Active Rewards available to all South Africans over the next ten weeks. By doing so, the insurer hopes to convince non-members that they can improve their health and change risky behaviour.