Message from EC-based insurer Oakhurst to Knysna firefighters


By Oakhurst Insurance. 

In the wake of the Knysna fires, most of us will go back to our ‘normal’ lives and, in time, the events that unfolded over this traumatic time in our Garden Route history will begin to fade from memory. However, for our brave and dedicated fire fighting heroes this is their daily reality. As partners in risk mitigation, Oakhurst Insurance wants to warmly thank the George Fire Department and their unsung heroes for all they did and continue to do every day.

As with insurance companies, the purpose of fire departments is to present a service in a time of need, and you never really need firefighters until you really need them.

Fire departments have its existence in property insurance companies. In the wake of the Great Fire of London in 1666, insurance companies had their own durable plaques, called fire marks, that would be affixed to building exteriors. A company’s fire brigade would not extinguish a burning building if it did not have the correct fire mark. Fortunately for us, our fire departments these days are public bodies serving the greater community rather than just private enterprises!

The firefighter adage goes if they sent us to hell we would put it out, and watching our firefighting heroes put the wet stuff on the red stuff we now believe it. In honouring both their badges and the community they serve, our firefighters stood as a pillar of strength, giving everyone involved the confidence that they were neither alone nor without hope. The role they play in times like these extends way beyond the physical rigours they endure, into the emotional and psychological spaces of those affected by disaster.

To our brothers in arms, our fire fighting heroes and heroines, know that you are respected, valued and appreciated. Oakhurst Insurance salutes you.