In the news today: highways gear up to charge cars, Global Agricultural Insurance report available, and Morocco extends healthcare to the needy


Housing shift

Residents have been all but priced out of the City Bowl of Cape Town and the ‘gentrification’ of areas like Woodstock and Salt River are extending the problem eastwards, say experts in property development.  READ MORE

Global driving shift

New solar technologies embedded into the concrete on ‘intelligent highways’ will soon be equipped to charge electric cars, says the engineer of Qilu Transportation who is piloting the development.  READ MORE

Scoop on global agriculture

The latest Global Agricultural Insurance report, available for download here, investigates principles, players, geological regions and other helpful agricultural insurance data. READ MORE

Fairer healthcare coverage

Moroccan Minister of Health, Anas Doukkali, is determined to extend ‘universal health coverage’ to those from low-income backgrounds, he told media last week on International Health Day.  READ MORE

Can you speak Mandarin?

For the foreseeable future, Africa’s engagement with China will be shaped by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vision – alerting trade experts to the need for more African residents who are fluent in Mandarin.  READ MORE