In the news today: Indonesia hit with 6.9-magnitude earthquake, the DA drops charges against Patricia De Lille, and US schools take out ‘active shooter’ insurance.


Earthquake rocks Indonesia

The islands of Bali and Lombok were hit with a 6.9-magnitude earthquake last night – 91 people were killed and thousands are homeless.  READ MORE

The DA drops charges against Patricia De Lille

Their relationship status is no longer ‘complicated’ – Patricia De Lille has stepped down as mayor due to the “consistent abuse” and the DA has dropped misconduct charges against her.  READ MORE

US schools take out ‘active shooter’ policies

‘Active assailant insurance’ is becoming popular in US schools, which are increasingly being held liable for failing to provide adequate security or recognise would-be shooters.  READ MORE

A major hurricane every decade?

As climate change warms the oceans as well as the earth, we can expect a major hurricane every ten years, not just once every century, says Swiss Re.  READ MORE

Get on your bike!

Sign up now for the 18-hour IIG Cycle 4 Charity Oktoberfest-themed Spinathon to be held in Sandton on 16 August.  READ MORE