In the news today: SAPS crime figures at odds with those of SABRIC, China wants to impose sanctions on the US, and South African life insurers pay out R63.7bn in claims


SABRIC says crime figures differ from those of SAPS

The SA Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) says its database shows that there have been 150 more heists than those reported by the SA police. Other crime figures should be probed, says Unisa criminologist Rudolph Zinn.  READ MORE

China to impose sanctions on the US?

As trade tensions between the two countries escalate, China looks set to ask the World Trade Organization for permission to impose sanctions on the US, citing Washington’s non-compliance with a ruling in a dispute over dumping duties. READ MORE

Life insurers pay out R63.7bn in death, disability and critical illness claims

Life insurers have reported a surge in disability claims over the past 12 months ending June 2018, according to the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA). READ MORE

Biggest bank in Mauritius forecasts impressive economic growth

MCB Group expects the Indian Ocean island nation’s economy to grow by around 4% in 2019, with major infrastructure projects driving business opportunities.  READ MORE

Sanlam’s R13bn buyout of Saham delayed by ‘diplomatic issues’

South Africa’s stance on the disputed territory of the Western Sahara may be delaying regulatory approval for Sanlam’s buyout of Moroccan insurer Saham Finances – but Sanlam is confident the deal with the pan-African group will go ahead.  READ MORE