In the news today: South Africa’s unemployment rate climbs to a 15-year high of 26.7%, Germany’s Angela Merkel pledges €1bn to Africa, and the African Development Bank has approved a climate risk management programme for regional member countries


South Africa has 6.2 million unemployed

Employment gains have been recorded in seven of the nine provinces in South Africa, but the unemployment rate continues to climb.  READ MORE

Angela Merkel creates €1bn development fund for Africa

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel announces her decision to retire from politics, she pledges €1bn to tackle unemployment in Africa.  READ MORE

African Development Bank approves climate risk management programme

The AfDB has approved the Africa Disaster Risks Financing Programme to boost resilience in the face of climate shocks in member countries.  READ MORE

1.1kg emerald unearthed in Zambia

The 5 655-carat gem, named ‘Inkalamu’ (lion), will be cut into smaller pieces and auctioned in Singapore in November.  READ MORE

China allows insurance companies to invest in stock market

In a bid to prop up China’s ailing stock markets, insurance companies will now be permitted to invest in equities.  READ MORE