In the news today: Stage 2 load shedding is set to continue today, South Africa’s recession may be over, and the CEO of Deutsche Bank says he does not expect to be targeted in a money laundering probe


Another full day of load shedding ahead

Eskom is to implement Stage 2 load shedding again today as the power utility says a number of power generating units are still out of service.  READ MORE

South Africa to exit recession?

Output data from Statistics South Africa shows that the economy may have expanded in the third quarter, which indicates that the technical recession could be over.  READ MORE

Deutsche Bank CEO doesn’t expect to be targeted in probe

As investigators probe allegations of money laundering at Deutsche Bank, CEO Christian Sewing says he does not expect to be personally targeted.  READ MORE

Female CEOs more likely to be fired than males

According to a recent Journal of Management study, female CEOs are 45% more likely to be fired than their male counterparts.  READ MORE

Uganda to implement marine insurance next year

Uganda’s Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) intends to implement marine insurance in the country next year, despite the absence of legislation.  READ MORE