In the news today: The rand bounces back, Durban drivers fare worst according to Discovery Vitality, and SpaceX is to send a tourist around the moon


The rand bounces back

The currency hit a two-week high after Moody’s indicated a ratings downgrade was unlikely and a rate hike in Turkey saw the Turkish lira stabilise.  READ MORE

Durban drivers the worst, says Discovery

Discovery Vitality’s ‘Road to a Healthier South Africa’ has revealed that driver behaviour is worst in Durban and best in Cape Town – and, unsurprisingly, our roads rank among the most dangerous in the world.  READ MORE

SpaceX to send a tourist around the moon

SpaceX has signed the world’s first private passenger to fly around the moon, using its Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) for launching. READ MORE

Insurance replacement value of Bank of Lisbon building R28.5m

The Bank of Lisbon building, which burnt down a week ago, failed a health and safety inspection, which may have an effect on the potential pay-out. The building was valued at around R13m earlier this year.  READ MORE

RMB’s investment attractiveness rankings for Africa put Egypt ahead

RMB’s report ‘Where to invest in Africa’ shows that Egypt, South Africa and Morocco remain the most attractive investment prospects on the African continent.  READ MORE