The Indaba and alt-mining indaba

By Sven Hugo

Today, decision makers from the international mining industry continued to network, pitch and deliver the latest from their respective sectors within the goliath that is global mining, but outside the CTICC in Cape Town, the Mining Indaba venue this year, others were campaigning for the workers on the ground, those who toil and produce the mineral riches.

While waving posters reminding onlookers about the slain at Marikana, representatives of the Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) delivered a memorandum to Alex Grose, MD of Mining Indaba, Tom Butler, CEO of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), and Tabello Chabana and Dr Elize Strydom, senior executives of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa.

“I would like to thank the delegates of AMI for their memorandum. The ICMM is dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining industry and open dialogue with all parties involved,” said Butler of ICMM. “A common theme at Mining Indaba and AMI was the need for more engagement between mining companies, government and civil society, and ICMM is committed to playing its part in further strengthening this engagement.”

The United Nations has set the industry a challenge to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which calls on the various players, management and workers, to combine efforts in finding solutions to the issues that currently plague the industry.

More from the 2017 Mining Indaba to follow in the coming days.