Indemnus, Personna and Indwe collaborate


Indemnus, Personna and Indwe are collaborating across a number of fronts, while still acting independently and in competition in other areas.

Tjaart van der Walt and Andries Preis, directors of Indemnus and Personna respectively, met in 2015 to explore potential business opportunities. These discussions were in great detail and essentially allows Indemnus and Personna to remain independent whilst providing for greater synergy and co-operation between the companies.

Peter Olyott, CEO of Indwe, explains that Indemnus will provide Indwe, inter alia, with access to a very select specialist medical field related sector, whilst supporting Indwe’s commercial line growth strategy. Indwe, in turn, will provide Indemnus with access to new products and services via the Indwe Intermediary Support Services entity and the ability to service clients on a countrywide basis, through providing access to Indwe’s Allied Africa Broker Network.

From an Indwe perspective, another great opportunity provided by the cooperation with Indemnus was the ability to kick-start its growth ambitions for Ekurhuleni, the fourth largest Metropolis in the country. “As our venture starts to bear fruit, we will obviously look to invest more into our Ekurhuleni operation,” says Olyott.

The potential for each other’s businesses is great, the cultural fit between the businesses is good, and we look forward to leveraging off the potential that this collaboration agreement brings about.