It’s National Doctors’ Day!


Constantia Insurance Company is spearheading an initiative known as National Doctors’ to acknowledge the critical role doctors play in meeting the healthcare needs of the nation. South Africa struggles to retain healthcare professionals – with the transformation of the healthcare sector creating additional pressures – and the campaign presents our doctors as a national asset that should be protected.

“It’s no secret the circumstances under which doctors in South Africa work can, at best, be described as not ideal and it’s made worse by the disease burden in the country,” says Dr David Green, divisional head of health at Constantia Insurance Company.

Constantia Insurance offers doctors occurrence-based cover – in effect the ‘gold standard’ of professional indemnity insurance. The company believes this is superior to claims-made cover, which leaves doctors exposed if they change careers or emigrate.

The Doctors’ Day campaign creates awareness around some of the difficulties doctors face, including an uncertain and ever-changing regulatory environment and complicated or poorly defined third-party payment structures, and urges the public to show their healthcare providers some love today.