King Prices launches warranty cover for car parts


King Price has launched warranty cover that pays for car part repairs or replacements, even if the applicant’s motor vehicle is not insured. The product is available for any car in South Africa (except taxis or cars used for emergency services, law enforcement or towing) and not only covers the parts but also the cost of labour and associated outwork.

“If you’re driving a car that’s out of warranty, your car parts are steadily depreciating,” said Wynand van Vuuren, head of legal at King Price. “The big motive behind our new warranty cover is to help you avoid unexpected costs and ensure that you’re not left unable to fix your car if any parts – including gearboxes, cambelts, turbos and management systems – fail.”

To qualify for the warranty cover, customers must live permanently in South Africa and their car must have a full service history. There are four levels of cover, depending on the car’s value and mileage. The product is not a maintenance plan, however. “It remains your responsibility to make sure that the car and its parts are serviced and maintained as they should be,” said van Vuuren. “It’s our responsibility to get you back on the road as soon as is superhumanly possible if something goes bang.”