In the news today: Kenyan elections erupt, Zuma does Houdini, and the N3 bridge collapse

The government has denied that anyone died in clashes on Wednesday between security forces and Odinga’s supporters in Nairobi, and the western town of Kisumu, an opposition stronghold.  READ MORE

The bridge was built in 1978 and had been closed to the public for a number of years. “We were responsible for inspecting it. The engineers say it was not long ago that it was inspected for any [fault]‚” said Mona of Sanral.   READ MORE

“The WhatsApps hit ANC MPs’ iPhones at around four in the morning – little love letters imploring the faithful to vote not with their consciences, but with their revolutionary esprit.”  READ MORE

The bill will also create a list of new cybercrime and cybersecurity offences that are related to data, messages, computers and networks.  READ MORE

Using Project Oxygen, an internal study that analysed more than 10 000 manager impressions, including performance reviews, surveys, and nominations for top-manager awards and recognition, Google identified the habits of highly effective managers.  READ MORE