Terms & Conditions

  1. Acceptance of a booking shall only occur once RISKSA (Pty) Ltd, the Publisher of RISKAFRICA magazine, has duly considered and approved the booking.
  1. The right is reserved to withhold publication of any advertisement or to cancel the advertisement booking that has been accepted, without stating any reason thereto. No liability is accepted for losses arising from omissions, failure to publish, publication of wrong copy, typographical, poor positioning or any other mistake or error. In case of such losses, the advertiser is not exempted from contractual obligations.
  1. The advertiser is not exempted from any contractual obligations in the event of late or non-receipt of material.
  1. Telephonic instructions must always be confirmed in writing.
  1. The advertiser agrees to furnish, on demand, copy for completion.
  1. Bookings for advertisement adjacent to or opposite editorial can only be accepted subject to availability at the time of going to press.
  1. Bookings requesting special positions or ‘righthand’ or ‘lefthand’ pages cannot be guaranteed unless uplift has been paid.
  1. RISKSA does not guarantee any results in respect of advertisements inserted in any of the company’s magazines and/or supplements.
  1. Material deadlines stipulated are also cancellation deadlines. A cancellation fee of 50% of the advertising rate will be charged for cancellations received after the cancellation deadlines.
  1. RISKAFRICA magazine will not accept advertisements subject to editorial coverage being given to the product being advertised or subject to special positions. This does not apply to special or premium contractual positions.
  1. Multiple insertions must be utilised within 12 months to attract the published discount.
  1. The advertiser is held liable for all damages and costs that may arise from any action that may be instituted against RISKSA by reason of the publication of the advertisement.
  1. The advertiser specifically indemnifies the publisher against any claim whatsoever arising from the publication of any advertisements.
  1. All material and copy is subject to approval by the publishers.
  1. In the event of an advertiser not submitting material for issues contracted for by the press dates as set in the closing date schedule, RISKSA shall be entitled to repeat copy provided for a previous issue.
  1. The advertiser agrees to any design changes incurred for material to be made up even if the material was originally intended to be ‘supplied’ print ready.
  1. Accounts will be rendered monthly and are payable within 30 days of the date of invoice. Interest on arrears shall be payable at maximum rates as determined in Act 73 of 1968. All major credit cards are also accepted.
  1. A statement from RISKSA will be prima facie proof of the amount plus interest due by the advertiser at any time.
  1. In the event of legal action being instituted for recovery of any amounts owing by the advertiser, the advertiser will be liable for all costs, including costs of the attorney and own-client scale.
  1. Credit Card Payments will be deducted on the publication date of each issue.
  1. RISKSA reserves the right to increase the rates at any time. As and when new rates are announced, contract advertisers will be protected at the rates applicable at the time of receipt of a booking form for a period of 45 days after the date of announcement of the new rates, the balance of the booking will be subject to the new rate.
  1. In the event of a payment being changed from either an EFT or cheque payment to a credit card payment, a 4% surcharge will apply.
  1. Advertorials and promotional pages must comply with RISKAFRICA’s style, design and editorial or procedural rules. The words Promotion or Advertisement will be placed above or below advertorials.
  1. The advertiser consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s court in respect of any legal proceedings instituted by the publisher to enforce its rights in terms of the Agreement, regardless of the nature of the proceedings or the amount claimed.
  1. The advertiser shall be liable for costs incurred by the Publisher in the recovery of arrears on account, including but not limited to the cost of phone calls, correspondence, debt collection consultants, postage and petties and which costs shall not exceed R5 000.00. These costs shall be due and payable over and above legal costs on the attorney/client scale, incurred by the publisher should it institute legal proceedings, and for which the advertiser shall also be liable.