28 JULY 2015


The Insurance Conference 2015

Team RISKAFRICA was on hand for all the highlights of the first packed days of the Insurance Conference 2015. See all the latest interviews from the conference and visit our Facebook page for more photos from Sun City.   READ MORE

Medical aids and new legislation, the gloves are off

BOARD of Healthcare Funders (BHF) executive director, Humphrey Zokufa, urged the medical schemes industry to fight “to the bitter end” in support of the government’s proposed changes to regulation 8, a fiercely contested piece of legislation governing the extent to which medical schemes must cover their members’ bills. READ MORE

IIG class of 2015 gives back

What started as a challenge from IIG President, Zuriel Naiker, to the class of 2015, came to life on Mandela Day, 18 July 2015.
They were given the task of raising R85 000 in two weeks in order to partner up with Amor, a non-profit organization from the US, who builds low-cost housing for residents in the Botleng area of Delmas. READ MORE

Is your service provider registered by the Financial Services Board?

South Africans are far too reticent when it comes to checking the credentials of those they trust with their money, according to Tamrynne Peyper, manager in the consumer education department at the Financial Services Board. READ MORE

Does your client know more than you?

Warren Ingram, executive at SmartRand, weighs in on the likelihood that some clients may be more knowledgeable in financial matters than their financial advisors. READ MORE