600 Chief Claims Officers on where to invest


Developing an effective claims strategy has never been more complex, or vital for a insurer’s survival – digital technologies and changing customer expectations have disrupted the insurance landscape, whilst the pressure to reduce claims costs is now larger than ever.

To help you build your investment strategy for claims transformation in 2019, Insurance Nexus developed a game changing report with the help of Chief Claims Officers and the insights from over 600 insurance executives.

This is the only report giving you the breakdown of the most transformative technologies and how they are reshaping the industry. By reading this report you will:

  • Find the Silver Bullet for Claims: There are many distractions in the form of new technologies, and with limited time and budget, it is vital for insurers to understand what will have the biggest impact on both customer and business efficiency
  • Move Beyond the Proof of Concept: Explore which elements of connected claims are set to take precedence in the short to mid-term
  • It’s Not Just About the Technology: From cultural change to processes redesign, discover the areas that will help you set an innovative claims strategy to deliver real business change

Access the ‘Connected Claims Report – the State of the Industry’ here