Connected Insurance Europe 2019 – all about engagement


In a word, engagement. Asked what our biggest takeaway was after the Connected Insurance Europe event wrapped in Amsterdam last week, and it didn’t take long for our team to reach consensus: engagement. It seemed that the mostly CEO level delegates were there to do business. Imagine, if you will, the sheer energy of Europe’s top 250 C-level insurance executives sharing ideas, strategies and unpacking what the future of insurance is likely to look like, and you will have an idea why so many insurance leaders travelled from around the globe to attend.

Of course, when there’s innovation in the room, expect to find South Africans there too. Our top insurance leaders were in good global company, joining 250 insurance leaders from as far afield as Russia, the United States and most of Europe. Wondering what the future of insurance looks like? Read our upcoming features and interviews on the topic and join us again in Amsterdam this September when Graham Proud and his incredible Insurance Nexus team will host the next Connected Insurance Europe event.

Watch the interviews here.