COSA crusader Blake Dyason is moving on…



It is with mixed emotions that COSA Media announces that long-term COSIAN Blake Dyason is moving on from the company.

While we are thrilled that Blake is taking up a position that will also allow him the freedom to pursue his many philanthropic interests and still retain contact with friends and colleagues built up over nearly 10 years in a stellar career at COSA, Blake’s ever-ready smile and willingness to pitch in and go the extra mile in all the divisions in the company will be sorely missed.

During Blake’s nearly decade-long tenure at COSA Media, the company has grown from a tiny business staffed with just a handful of passionate individuals in Cape Town to a leading force in boutique publishing. Under the mentorship and guidance of chairman Andy Mark, the business now employs more than 30 talented individuals and boasts a trophy cabinet groaning with local awards and accolades from as far afield as the UK and the US.

“Blake has worked as an integral part of our team for nearly 10 years now,” says Andy Mark, chairman at COSA Media. “He has been part of the COSA family during many of our successes, and his passion and work ethic has had a catalytic effect throughout our office.

IMG_9503“We have a ‘wall of hands’ adorning a pillar in our playroom. Framed canvasses that bear the imprint of selected COSIANs that have helped build this company over the years. Blake’s prints were one of the first to go up on that wall, and I will not be able to walk past it without thinking fondly of him,” concludes Mark.

* COSA Media celebrates its 15th birthday this year and has offices in Cape Town and Europe.


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