Day Zero: Every drop counts

RISKAFRICA reports back on their Day Zero event, aimed at insurance and hospitality, which was held in Cape Town during late February.

Day Zero

A press release from Wesgro today, 6 March 2018, reveals how Cape Town is setting world-class standards for the reduction in water consumption. According to the latest data from the City of Cape Town, the Mother City is now using just 516 million litres of water per day, in comparison to the 1.2 billion litres of water which residents were consuming in February 2015 – an impressive reduction of more than 50%.

CEO of Wesgro, Tim Harris, was one of the dynamic speakers at RISKAFRICA’s recent Day Zero pop-up event held at the River Club on 28 February. Other speakers/sponsors included Lana Mizen of Bryte, Tom Callaghan of GrahamTek Holdings, Denise Hattingh of KEU Underwriting Managers, vlogger Adam Spires and extreme adventurer and conservationist Braam Malherbe – who did MC duty.

Speaker topics ranged from “Saving the world, one city at a time” (Braam Malherbe) to “Mitigating risks through drought impact” (Bryte), “Water security solutions for [the] critical zone and beyond” (GrahamTek) and “To cancel, or not to cancel” (KEU).

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Activation tables in the refreshment area showcased a selection of innovative water-saving and risk-management products, including brochures from Oakhurst Insurance Company, a waterless urinal from The Good Earth, a high-quality water filtration system from Waterwise Solutions, a range of water-saving plumbing options from The Peanut Gallery, a no-flush solution from Albex, an atmospheric water generator from Aquacello and a flush-less solution from Fresh Flush. The full list of activations and contact details can be accessed here.

Smile FM’s Saya-Pierce Jones roved the crowd for key interview subjects and information for the stations’ Waterwise segment, while the City of Cape Town’s water mascot Manzi made a surprise appearance towards the second half to emphasise the importance of appreciating, and saving, every single drop of water residents can.

The RISKAFRICA Day Zero pop-up event was a resounding success, in which a wealth of information was shared with delegates to assist them with client business-continuity insurance and risk management in the near future – specifically in the tourism/eventing industry.

Our team is proud to have been associated with risk-mitigation related to Day Zero, and let’s hold thumbs that the switching off of tap water in the Mother City can be avoided – if at all possible.