Fulcrum’s new face


Those working in financial services will be doing a double take when they see the refreshed corporate identity from the Fulcrum Group.

At the rebrand reveal event, Fulcrum unveiled their latest CI, and took guests on a journey to showcase where Fulcrum started, and where it is today.

When Fulcrum first launched in 2012, their core business focus was premium finance. Over the years, Fulcrum has expanded their service offering to include: specialist lending and acquisition finance, premium collections, treasury management and broker systems.

Through the combination and positioning of these offerings Fulcrum has become a leading financial services brand, offering bespoke lending, investment and management services to the South African insurance market. In just over four years Fulcrum has gone from being a start-up, to a specialist financial services player with over R6 billion of assets under their management.

Growth in both service offering, team size, and expansion within the market was an ideal opportunity for a brand refresh, says Vaughan Jones, CEO of Fulcrum. “The rapidly changing industry environment has required us to evolve our value proposition in order to offer relevant solutions that meet our customers’ needs under the new regulatory regime,” he says.

“Through both acquisitive and organic growth, our business has undergone significant change in recent years and we believe that we are now able to offer the market a relevant and composite product offering that meets the requirements of all of the insurance industry stakeholders. It is important that these changes are reflected in our brand identity and we felt the time had come to revisit and refresh Fulcrum’s corporate identity” says Jones.

The new look of the brand supports that.

The rebrand speaks strongly to Fulcrum’s personality and renewed brand promise of “We see it differently,” says Clodagh Da Paixao, head of brand at Fulcrum.

Our renewed brand promise lets our clients and the industry know what they can expect of the Fulcrum brand and team. It shows a commitment to our purpose that drives us to deliver. We have refreshed the photography and visual language we use to reflect how we see things differently. These images, which convey sheer power and scale, remind us that our existing paradigms and perceived limitations are easily overcome,” says Da Paixao.

Fulcrum’s core focus is on the insurance market, specifically insurers, brokerages and UMAs, to which they offer bespoke lending, investment and management services through the distinct pillars of their business: Fulcrum Capital and Fulcrum Delta.

Fulcrum Capital

Fulcrum’s specialist capital solutions are designed to help brokers, UMAs and specialist insurance companies grow their businesses and take advantage of new opportunities without compromising on their day-to-day operations.

Fulcrum’s involvement goes beyond providing funds, however. They see themselves as a long-term partner for their intermediary clients, providing both capital and strategic input to ensure sustainability and optimal growth.

Leveraging off many years’ experience in brokerage and UMA businesses, Fulcrum Capital provides specialist, industry-specific assistance for intermediaries in the life and short-term industries. And because they are not allied to any particular insurance licence, they have the pick of the best capabilities in the market without being tied into any individual insurer.

Fulcrum is the largest provider of premium finance facilities in the South African marketplace. Their funding mechanisms allow their domestic, corporate and commercial clients to pay their annual short-term insurance premiums in monthly instalments over the term of the policy.

Within their Fulcrum Treasury offering, they employ proprietary models and years of experience to assist clients to optimise the yield on their cash holdings and match their investments to their cash-flow needs – without increasing their risk profile.

Fulcrum Delta

Fulcrum’s vision for Fulcrum Delta is to be the best in class license agnostic service provider offering;

–                 Systems / Technology through Fulcrum Flexi

–                 Service support and administration

–                 Premium Collections and Payment services through Fulcrum Collections

The Delta solution will be the first of its kind in South Africa enabling all stakeholders to engage and transact through one platform. This will be achieved by providing a fully integrated Policy Administration and Collections platform.