How to risk-proof your next event


From large-scale political rallies, sporting events or music concerts to local school fundraisers or corporate team-building days, the uncertainties faced by events of all types and sizes need to be managed intelligently and proactively. Many well-planned events have had to deal with unforeseen disruptions related to the venue, an unpredictable number of attendees, the weather and faulty technology and were left reeling by the social media backlash, a decrease in public confidence and future attendance.

The largest reputational damage for event organisers usually occurs when there is harm to people and damage to the venue itself, which results in having to defend against legal action and liability. The problem event organisers face is that reputational damage can occur suddenly, without warning, and could result in the event never being held again.

It is worth remembering that when major events to go wrong, the human consequences can be catastrophic, with the death roll reaching into the hundreds, sometimes even thousands. Every event requires a carefully considered, tailored risk management solution which allows event organisers to assess all possible risks to their events and their stakeholders. The organisers need to create an event risk committee that ensures risk management occurs at every stage of event production from inception to close.

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