In the news today: A financial adviser has been ordered to repay R1.3 million to a client, The Actuarial Society is launching a new Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification, and Zurich American Insurance Company refuses to pay out a $100 million claim for a ransomware attack


Financial adviser ordered to repay R1.3 million to former student

A Bloemfontein financial adviser has been ordered by the FAIS ombud to repay R1.3 million to a former student after advising her to invest in The Villa property syndication scheme, which was marketed by Sharemax Investments.  READ MORE

New financial services qualification launched

The Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) is offering a new internationally recognised professional qualification to South Africans wanting an analytical career in the financial services sector.  READ MORE

Cyber insurance invalid in ‘cyber war’: Zurich American Insurance Company

In what may prove a test case for the cyber insurance industry, Zurich American Insurance is refusing to pay out a $100 million claim by Mondelez, a victim of the NotPetya ransomware attack, which it defines as an act of ‘cyber war’.  READ MORE

Global investment in clean energy exceeds $300 billion for fifth year

China and the US invested heavily in clean energy in 2018, with investment in wind and solar power reduced due to declining capital costs.  READ MORE

Tesla offers a free Model 3 to successful hackers

Tesla says any cybersecurity researcher who can hack the new Model 3’s computer system will get the vehicle for free.  READ MORE