In the news today: ASISA rejects claims that the Retirement Savings Cost (RSC) Disclosure Standard was developed to expose hidden costs in the industry, two thirds of California’s recent wildfire victims were under-insured, and Sanlam says loyalty programmes incentivise people to save


ASISA rejects claims that RSC was developed to expose hidden costs

ASISA rejects recent claims in the media that the new Retirement Savings Cost (RSC) Disclosure Standard was developed to “reveal” and “expose” hidden costs in the industry.  READ MORE

Two thirds of California wildfire victims were under-insured

According to the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal, close to 80% of American homeowners may be under-insured.  READ MORE

Loyalty programmes incentivise people to save: Sanlam

Sanlam has found that South African loyalty programme members save about 33% more towards their retirement than clients not linked to such programmes.  READ MORE

‘Secondary’ perils wreak further natcat devastation: Swiss Re

Swiss Re has noted a trend of growing devastation wreaked by ‘secondary’ perils following a primary peril like a natcat. More than 60% of the losses following natcats in 2018 resulted from these secondary perils.  READ MORE

Fidelity ADT partners with Hollard for Highway Heroes

Fidelity SecureDrive is partnering Hollard on its 2019 Highway Heroes campaign as it also concerned about the unacceptably high level of road deaths on our highways.  READ MORE

Is the UK stuck in Brexit limbo?

Azad Zangana, global economist at Schroders, says the second extension to the Article 50 deadline has weakened incentives for the UK parliament to find a resolution to Brexit. READ MORE