In the news today: Businesses urged to get off Eskom’s power grid, Bitcoin plunges a further 10%, and correspondence shows Facebook used people’s data as a bargaining chip


Businesses should try to get off Eskom’s power grid

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry says businesses need to become less reliant on Eskom – particularly as load-shedding looks set to continue for the next 12 months. READ MORE

Bitcoin plunges a further 10%

The cryptocurrency fell almost 10% against the dollar in Asia’s Friday afternoon trading, with other cryptocurrencies also losing value.  READ MORE

Facebook used people’s data as a bargaining chip

UK lawmakers have published correspondence showing that Facebook imposed strict limits on its partners where it saw a threat of competition and conducted global surveys of the usage of mobile apps with customers possibly without their knowledge.  READ MORE

Liberty Viewpoint renamed Mentenova Consultants and Actuaries

Liberty Viewpoint, Liberty Corporate’s consulting subsidiary, has been renamed with immediate effect.  READ MORE

Natmed releases second edition of its Natmedipedia

Natmed Medical Defence has released the second edition of its Glossary of Medical Negligence and Insurance Terms, the ‘Natmedipedia’.  READ MORE