In the news today: Cybercrime costs SA almost R2.2bn a year, the first listeriosis claims could be paid out in 2020, and French businesses lose at least $1.5bn in the wake of protests


Cybercrime costs SA almost R2.2bn a year

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) says South Africa has the third-highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide and loses around R2.2bn a year to cyber-attacks. READ MORE

First listeriosis claims could be paid out in 2020

Attorney Thami Malusi, of Richard Spoor Attorneys, says the first claims associated with the listeriosis class action could be paid out in 2020. READ MORE

France protests cost business $1.5bn

The ‘yellow vest’ protests in France – which centre on tax cuts, better pension benefits and a higher minimum wage – have cost businesses across at the country at least $1.5bn. READ MORE

Political risks could threaten global economy

According to Bloomberg Economics, governments pose one of the biggest risks to the global economy next year, with growing authoritarianism and trade wars dominating the political landscape. READ MORE

Bumpy ride ahead for SA, say analysts

Some of the key political and economic risks we face next year include a potential credit downgrade, land expropriation, the elections and the increase in foreign participation in the domestic government bond market. READ MORE