In the news today: Discovery Invest outperforms, wage negotiations forge ahead and VAT-zero items under review


African healthcare swells

Rising education levels, improving salaries and rapid urbanisation mean health insurers are commanding an increasing share of African healthcare services.  READ MORE

Impressive performance

Discovery Invest has been ranked in the PlexusCrown Survey as the fourth best collective investment scheme management company in South Africa.  READ MORE

Investment conundrum

Both Koos Bekker of Naspers and Elon Musk of Tesla are ‘visionary’ leaders, yet they’ve both come under fire for corporate governance failures.  READ MORE

Items under review

An expert panel will review the list of VAT-zero rated items, with a view to mitigating the impact of the increase on low-income households.  READ MORE

Wage negotiation chaos

Thousands of workers took to the streets today in protest of the recent increase in value-added tax, unfair minimum wage of R3 500 and more.  READ MORE