In the news today: Experian shows that global online fraud is on the increase, the auditing regulator may get ‘search and seize’ powers, and US-China trade tensions are likely to affect GDP growth in Africa


Global online fraud on the increase

Experian’s recently released Global Identity and Fraud report indicates that 55% of businesses have experienced an increase in fraud-related losses over the past 12 months.  READ MORE

Auditing regulator may get ‘search and seize’ powers

Powers currently enjoyed by law-enforcement agency could be extended to the auditing regulator, if the bill submitted by National Treasury is passed.  READ MORE

US-China trade tension affecting Africa’s growth

The African Development Bank says trade tension between the US and China could strip 0.7% from Africa’s GDP this year.  READ MORE

Bonitas solvency ratio increased to 25%

Bonitas says the Fund’s solvency ratio has increased to 25%, with its reserved increasing from R3.2 billion to R4 billion.  READ MORE

Losing climate change race a ‘disaster for Africa’

United Nations chief António Guterres says Africa will pay a higher price over climate change – and temperature increases will be greater in Africa.  READ MORE

Intermediate reinsurance training offered by IIB

The Insurance Institute of Botswana is offering an intermediate reinsurance training course on 21 February.  READ MORE