In the news today: Ipsos predicts the ANC will win more than 60% of the vote on Wednesday, 41 passengers aboard a Russian aircraft die during a crash-landing in Moscow, and insurers worldwide are optimistic about technological change


Ipsos predicts ANC will win more than 60% of vote

As South Africa prepares to go to the polls on Wednesday, research firm Ipsos says the ANC is likely to win 61% of the vote based on a 71% voter turnout.  READ MORE

41 die as Russian passenger plane crash-lands in Moscow

A Russian Aeroflot passenger plane caught on fire after making an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday – 41 passengers were killed while 37 survived.  READ MORE

Insurance CEOs ready to embrace digital future

PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO survey, which interviewed 140 global insurers, indicates that CEOs are optimistic rather than anxious about technological change.  READ MORE

Markets react to Trump’s tariffs threat

US president Donald Trump has once again threatened to raise tariffs on Chinese goods, increasing market volatility in the process.  READ MORE

Mastercard expands Engage programme in Kenya and Nigeria

Kenyan and Nigerian fintechs will have a chance to come up with innovative payment solutions as part of Mastercard’s global partnership and development programme.  READ MORE