In the news today: Millions have been looted by government officials in a land reform scam, Mozambique gets its first online insurance distribution solution, and Singapore is now offering marine war risk insurance


Government officials looted millions in land reform scam

The Special Investigating Unit has released a report showing that government officials handed out farms and millions in grants to beneficiaries who did not qualify for land reform.  READ MORE

Mozambique gets first online insurance distribution solution

Askari Fintech has launched the first online insurance distribution solution in Mozambique, which is set to facilitate the distribution and management of insurance products.  READ MORE

Singapore offers marine war risk insurance

Singapore now offers war risk insurance for ships under the newly launched Singapore War Risks Insurance Conditions (SWRIC). Singapore-registered ships previously purchased this type of insurance from foreign companies.  READ MORE

China blocks Microsoft search engine Bing

China has blocked the last major foreign search engine operating in China – Microsoft’s Bing, which was able to operate its Chinese site,, because it censored search results.  READ MORE

Insurance for things you forgot in your Uber? You bet!

Digital broker Trōv offers micro-policies for on-the-move consumers – but it’s available in only five US states to date.  READ MORE