In the News today: Rhinos come to the bond market, AI regulation in South Africa, just how well armed is SA’s financial services sector against cybercrime and the millennial-dollar question


Rhinos come to the bond market, and other species may follow

The planned sale of a rhino impact bond, aimed at growing the population of the endangered black rhino, is seen by its backers as a test for the creation of a conservation debt market that could be used for everything from protecting species facing extinction to preserving wildlife areas.  READ MORE

AI regulation in South Africa

In many industries in South Africa, there has been a massive drive towards incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into business and products to streamline operations, analyse user behaviour and determine or predict potential purchasing behaviour. However, as technology advances at a rapid pace, policymakers and laws have struggled to keep up.  READ MORE

Just how well armed is SA’s financial services sector against cybercrime?

It’s unimaginable that, while many of us are still trying to crack half the secrets of the little computers we carry around in our pockets that have fundamentally redefined our lives, they are already yesterday’s news!  READ MORE

The millennial-dollar question

South Africa needs millennials to insure. So how do we have that conversation with someone we don’t understand?  READ MORE

Moving to the cloud – do you convert your existing licenses or let them lapse?

Moving to the cloud is no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. However, one challenge many businesses are facing is how to deal with their existing software licensing.  READ MORE