In the news today: South Africa can expect an electricity crisis within the next decade, the country is taking insufficient measures to tackle global warming, and absenteeism and presenteeism are together costing the economy more than R100 billion a year


Electricity crisis looming in South Africa

Eskom is set to lose more than a quarter of its current generating capacity over the next decade as it shuts coal-fired plants, and meeting rising energy demand will cost more than R1 trillion.  READ MORE

South Africa’s climate commitments “highly insufficient”

Climate Action Tracker, an organisation evaluating the climate change commitments of different countries, says South Africa’s poor efforts rank alongside China, South Korea and Japan.  READ MORE

Absenteeism, presenteeism costing economy more than R100 billion

Absenteeism and presenteeism are costing South Africa more than R100 billion annually – but employers can go some way towards assisting their staff, says Martin Neethling, Head: Sanlam Health Insurance and Distribution.  READ MORE

Retirement cost disclosure standard not a panacea

David Gluckman, head of special projects at Sanlam Employee Benefits, says the new retirement savings cost disclosure standard of the Association for Savings and Investment won’t solve all the ills within the industry.  READ MORE

Last chance to register for Insider Risk and Fraud seminar

The Insider Risk and Fraud Executive Briefing 2019, which gathers security specialists and risk managers in South Africa, will be held tomorrow in Johannesburg and on 11 April in Cape Town.  READ MORE