In the news today: The ANC is set to change the Constitution, global property prices cool down, and the Vaal water crisis intensifies


ANC to change Constitution

President Cyril Ramaphosa says it is “patently clear that our people want the Constitution to be more explicit about expropriation of land without compensation, as demonstrated in the public hearings”.  READ MORE

Is the global housing boom over?

Property-market watchers should note that prices are coming down in the world’s most expensive cities. Is the real estate bubble about to burst?  READ MORE

Water crisis on the Vaal intensifies

People and animals are dying due to poor water quality and sewage leaks in Emfuleni – and the municipality is bankrupt. If nothing is done, 45% of the population will be without drinkable water and 65% of industry without potable water, says Chris Williams from Save the Vaal Environment.  READ MORE

Huawei sells more smartphones than Apple

The Chinese company elbows Apple out of second place – but Samsung is still king of smartphone sales.  READ MORE

Man changes gender to get cheaper car insurance

How far would you go for lower premiums? A Canadian man changed his gender on his birth certificate and driver’s licence when he found out that women in Alberta pay less for car insurance. “I was pretty angry about that,” he said.  READ MORE