In the news today: The budget speech should keep ratings agencies at bay for now, a new wave of ATM cash-out cyber-attacks are hitting African banks, and Telesure teams up with Firstassist to help black-owned towing companies scale their businesses


Budget should keep ratings agencies at bay: Citadel

Maarten Ackerman, Citadel Chief Economist and Advisory Partner, says ratings agencies are likely to give South Africa the benefit of doubt for now – but time will tell if we can implement crucial policies.  READ MORE

ATM cash-out cyber-attacks hitting African banks

Foregenix has warned that a rise in ATM cashout cyber-attacks can cause extensive financial and reputational harm to a bank within a matter of hours.  READ MORE

Black-owned towing companies get a boost

Telesure Investment Holdings has teamed up with Firstassist to launch an initiative that will help black-owned towing companies to scale their businesses.  READ MORE

Aon releases 2019 cyber security risk report

Aon’s 2019 cyber security risk report shows that organisations need to share threat intelligence to keep data safer.  READ MORE

Technology key to reducing insurance fraud

Kumar Utpal of In2IT Technologies says the Internet of Things and blockchain will likely provide solutions for curbing insurance fraud. READ MORE