In the news today: The cost of fuel jumps to the second-highest on record on Wednesday, Cyclone Kenneth displaces more than 160 000 people, and an Italian half-marathon bans African runners


Expect the second-highest fuel price on record on Wednesday

The cost of a litre of unleaded 95 octane petrol will jump 54c on Wednesday owing to high international fuel prices – with more hikes likely.  READ MORE

Cyclone Kenneth displaces 160 000 people

More than 160 000 people have been displaced by Cyclone Kenneth, with 30 000 house destroyed and 24 000 people in urgent need of shelter.  READ MORE

Italian half-marathon bans African runners

Organisers of a half-marathon in Trieste, Italy, came under fire for banning African runners, ostensibly to “regulate a trade in high-value African athletes”. They have since overturned their decision.  READ MORE

Kenya’s APA Insurance sees profit decline

APA Insurance’s after-tax profit fell 22.6% to Sh510 million in the year ending December 2018 – in line with losses felt by insurance peers in the country.  READ MORE

IRM regional group event highlights African risk

Book now for the IRM South African Regional Group event to be held in Johannesburg on Tuesday 28 May.  READ MORE