In the news today: The man accused of starting the Overstrand fire will appear in court today, MSC is to pay the full costs of cleaning up its container debris on the Dutch and German coastlines, and Allianz is set to become a global Olympic partner in 2021


Overstrand fire-starter to appear in court

The man accused of starting a fire in the Overstrand area will appear in court today. The fire has largely been contained.  READ MORE

MSC to pay for shipping container clean-up

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will pay “the full costs” for cleaning up debris on the Dutch and German coastlines after the MSC Zoe lost hundreds of containers during a storm.  READ MORE

Allianz to become global Olympic partner

Allianz is set to join the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as its insurance partner, with the intention of connecting with new audiences via digital channels. The insurer will join the IOC’s ‘Worldwide Olympic Partner’ programme in 2021.  READ MORE

Germany seeks US assistance after hacking breach

Germany has asked the US National Security Agency for help following the release of private data linked to Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German politicians. US citizens have also been exposed in the data dump.  READ MORE

Construction industry could grow by 2.4% in 2019

Research firm Fitch Solutions says the construction industry will emerge from recession but growth is unlikely to exceed 2.4%.  READ MORE