In the news today:The Kouga municipality calls for donations to assist St Francis Bay firefighters, Chinese developers diversify into insurance, and South African investors are achieving lower-than-expected returns


Donations needed for St Francis Bay firefighting

The Kouga municipality is calling for donations to assist firefighters containing the blaze in St Francis Bay.  READ MORE

Chinese developers diversify into insurance

Volatile property sales are driving Chinese developers to invest in the insurance sector in a bid to stabilise revenue flows.  READ MORE

Investors are achieving returns lower than expected

According to Schroders Global Investor Study 2018, there is a disconnect between what South Africans expect to earn in returns over the coming years and the annual rate of return they are currently achieving.  READ MORE

Advisers must play more proactive role in clients’ lives

Head of Advice at Old Mutual Personal Finance, Lizl Budhram, says advisers need to help clients to navigate difficult and uncertain economic conditions in a much more proactive way.  READ MORE

Africa the worst-performing emerging market region in 2018

African equities are at their cheapest level in years due to their poor performance in 2018. Is there a glimmer of hope in 2019?  READ MORE