Infiniti Insurance expands its business offering

In the competitive and crowded space of non- life insurance, Infiniti has received much acclaim for its unique approach that allows for a competitive edge. Right fit, integrity and trust prevail as key ingredients for sustainable growth, this is the strategic approach we apply in the recruitment of new partners says CEO of Infiniti Insurance Sharon Paterson. “We have, for some time, looked at various areas for expansion and recently found the right people to add to our stable of specialist underwriters in two new fields, Engineering and Trucking. It is also pleasing to report continued strong results and growth posted in the Liability area since its inception two years ago, under the leadership of market doyen Simon Leppard” explains says CEO of Infiniti Insurance Sharon Paterson.


The right fit is worth waiting for:


Infiniti had been looking to expand its engineering operations and found the perfect fit in Jim Connolly.

Waiting for the right person has already rendered positive results for Infiniti and Connolly has been given the space to optimise the efficiency of the division. “That trust is what makes you stay; it is what drives you to go out there, join forces with your brokers and to conquer business together,” he explains.

The Infiniti recipe for success is anchored by positioning key team members in a way that allows them to focus their efforts on where they best add value, and this is often a delicate balancing act.

Connolly brings tremendous experience to his new role as head of the engineering division.  It is not the first time that he has started an Engineering play and he has hands on experience of the engineering industry. He worked for various engineering companies in his youth. – His   experience is invaluable in his dealings with clients and brokers alike. At Infiniti he has the space to apply the lessons learnt from his vast and varied background to best serve his brokers and their clients. Jim is having great fun building his division within Infiniti and passing on his superb knowledge and experience to his team.


Some 25 years ago Heavy Commercial Vehicle Underwriting Managers (HCV) started off with a very small group of brokers looking for a unique product. In a landscape filled with large fleets, HCV caters not only for the large fleet, but also for small transporters who have one or two vehicles, often owner-driven vehicles. “Our pay-off line is ‘caring for trucks and truckers’ and what we say is what we do. We go beyond normal insurance,” explains Vanessa Correia, who together with Chris Barry, runs HCV. 

HCV’s policyholders are typically private, small-scale subcontractors who are extremely vulnerable to industry and route disturbances, operators who can least afford downtime on their vehicles. Their trust in HCV, which forms the basis of long-term loyalty, stems from having their needs consistently understood and met.

Infiniti is an ideal partner for HCV, who were looking for a partnership that would extend the same level of service to them as they give to their brokers and clients.  “If we are to continue to be as successful as we have been, we need a partnership that is symbiotic, and this we have found in Infiniti,” explains Correia.