IRM regional group event highlights African risk


Book now for the IRM South African Regional Group event to be held in Johannesburg on Tuesday 28 May. The event brings African risk managers and organisations together to discuss how they can remain flexible and resilient in an ever-changing national and continental risk landscape.

Delegates should expect:

  • To gain insight into the African risk landscape coupled with key continent-wide scenarios that organisations and risk managers should prepare for.
  • Discussions on what the African Union is doing to develop strategic thinking among emerging leaders.
  • To understand how the national risk landscape is expected to evolve after the general elections in May.
  • A panel discussion, including a Q&A unpacking the key risks and trends that risk managers in South Africa and Africa should be aware of, in line with the IRM Risk Agenda 2025.
  • To learn how scenario planning and organisational strategy should link into their risk management efforts.

The event is sponsored by Cura, IRM and Risk Africa Magazine.

To book, visit