Kleoss Capital invests in CDE


The CDE (Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (Pty) Ltd) has announced the recent acquisition by Kleoss Capital of a significant shareholding in the CDE.

The CDE, with 210 Accredited Centres nationwide and managed healthcare contracts with 21 Medical Scheme Funders, is internationally recognised in the delivery of best practice, person-centred diabetes care and cardiovascular risk management, clinical research, healthcare publishing, healthcare professional education and mentoring and community support and advocacy.

This important transaction with South African private equity firm Kleoss Capital, a 100 per cent black-owned and managed investment manager, will enable the CDE to better represent and advocate for the interests and needs of South African healthcare professionals at the coalface of chronic healthcare.

It will also elicit far-reaching benefits for the many thousands of patients currently served by the CDE and, it is hoped, the many millions of patients in both private and public sectors who currently struggle to access the necessary means, support and advocacy to effectively self-manage their health conditions and risks. The funding and deployment of exciting new technologies and approaches to the management of diabetes and cardio-vascular health risk, made possible by this transaction, will keep the CDE at the forefront of the delivery of improved health and wellness of patients under care.

Founding Partner and previous Managing Director of the CDE, Dr Larry Distiller, remains a vital part of the invigorated CDE Board in the role of Executive Chairman and intimately involved in the future of the CDE. The CDE Board has recognised and respects the immense value of the past ethos of, and manner in which, Dr Larry Distiller has led the CDE and its national network since inception.

The Board thus aims to maintain the person-centred health care and the immense mutual respect and collegiality shared between the CDE and CDE healthcare professional providers, for which the CDE is known. In a further enhancement to CDE’s existing excellent team, Grant Newton joined the CDE team as its new Chief Executive Officer from 1 July, 2016. His experience and industry knowledge in both management and healthcare, both as a senior manager and director within medium and large insurance organisations, will assist in the mission to propel the CDE mandate and sphere of influence to new heights.

Hale Matsipa, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kleoss Capital, says “Diabetes management is a growing concern across the globe; South Africa is no exception. The CDE has proven over 20 years that its treatment protocols together with its strong relationships at the point of primary care are unparalleled. We are bringing additional managerial support to compliment the current management team. In bolstering the team, we will focus on employment equity candidates. We also see ourselves playing a meaningful role in expanding the reach of CDE diabetes care protocols at primary points of care within areas of great need, such as townships.”