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Margit Takacs  is a change expert with serious multicultural experience. Her work has taken her around the world and she has lived literally in the jungle, helping volunteers adapt from their wealthy homes in England to coping with snakes in tented camps and open showers. Margit was part of a small team managing change for Deutsche Post DHL across their 500k + employees and more than 220 geographical regions. Now in her own practice Margit is completing her book on change management, a refreshing collection of real life examples taken from the trenches. Advance orders for the book open soon. Her website is and if you’d like to know when advance orders open or if you have a question about managing change in your own business you can mail her on

Change is happening rapidly in financial services. Disruption driven by digitalization and advanced computing mean that entire departments may need to be retrained or repurposed. As bigger companies acquire others and smaller companies merge to become bigger companies, the teams that are the lifeblood of these businesses are affected. Not having a robust change management plan in play is extremely dangerous. Who can afford to lose key people or demotivate their teams?

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