Making today better by changing the way you do insurance


The insurance landscape in Africa is changing and it seems as though only a few insurers are adapting. One insurer, in particular, is Oneplan Insurance. In knowing that life is complicated, the insurer prides itself on creating insurance that is simple, honest and straightforward. Some of its unique offerings include paying your client before they see their doctor (health insurance) or vet (pet insurance); flexible vehicle and household cover; and easy and instant insurance for items on the move with you.

“We started Oneplan with an idea of creating insurance which is easy to understand, easy to apply and easy to use. Over the years we have adapted our products to best meet the needs of our customers while keeping up to date with technology and data advancements. Our goal is to consistently provide affordable insurance that does not compromise on quality,” says Michael Otten, CEO of Oneplan.

Oneplan’s flexible car and household insurance enables your client to tailor their insurance plan according to the percentage of cover they want and the premium they can afford. It’s as simple as choosing how much cover you want using a slider in the Oneplan app and moving this up and down to find the right amount for your needs and budget.

Creating insurance which changes when life does, Oneplan allows your client to press pause on their cover as and when they need to. To eliminate any time wasted, clients can easily validate their car through the Oneplan app, which means no vehicle inspections are needed.

Holding true to their use of current technology and on the back of the increased use of mobile phone usage, Oneplan’s smart app allows client’s instant access to their policy, giving total control over what they insure and for how much. There is also an in-app chat function where clients can talk to a member of the Oneplan team.

Clients of Oneplan can automatically unlock a great product called On-The-Go Insurance. This is instant, simple insurance for valuable items on the move with you such as a camera or even the contents of a trailer or caravan.

The health insurance option includes an in-app function to chat with a team of qualified nurses who answer any health-related queries and concerns. Oneplan’s health plans are more than just hospital plans. The range of options includes cover for routine care, doctor visits, specialist visits as well as maternity care.

In line with health insurance, Oneplan created pet insurance that allows clients to see their chosen vet. Its pet plans range from an accident-only option for emergency pet care at only R55 per month to their most comprehensive plan at R390 per month which includes routine care, vet visits, accident and illness cover. Kennel fee cover is also available should the owner unexpectantly need to be hospitalised.

“We realised many of our clients were waiting until the end of the month to see their doctor,” Otten adds. “This led us to adapt our health and pet insurance products to pay clients before these visits through the use of our Onecard. Before visiting your healthcare provider, simply login to our app, load your claim and the funds are transferred to your Onecard in one minute.

“We also allow our clients to see their own doctor or vet, breaking the norm of having to choose from a specified network of health professionals.”

Oneplan seeks to make your client’s day better by creating and providing insurance for the things that matter most, today.