New financial services qualification launched


The Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) is offering a new internationally recognised professional qualification to South Africans wanting an analytical career in the financial services sector. The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification in now supported in South Africa following the recent accreditation of ASSA by CAA Global, which is a joint venture between the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) and the US Society of Actuaries (COA). CAA Global was established to offer the CAA qualification worldwide.

There is a growing demand for professional analysts in financial services and the CAA qualification has wide applicability as it is broad in nature. The qualification will professionalise the growing number of technical and analytical roles in the financial services sector.

ASSA will provide support to local CAAs to ensure high standards of professionalism and ongoing professional development.

“We are proud of the work we’ve done to offer the financial sector a qualification and accreditation scheme which delivers professional analysts with globally recognised expertise,” says Clifford Friend, Chair of CAA Global.

Says Mike McDougall, CEO of ASSA: “We see CAA as an attractive qualification for professionals who work closely with actuaries, providing them with a solid grounding in some of the core technical actuarial skills. The introductory level skills in the CAA provide underwriters, accountants, lawyers, IT professionals, administrators and others with a knowledge base that will help them as well as the actuaries and actuarial students they work with to be more effective.”

Individuals wanting to pursue the CAA qualification can register through CAA Global. Once they have completed their examinations they can join the Actuarial Society.