In the news today: Drought-driven farmer suicides, diabetes situation critical, and taking advantage of the digital revolution

A drought-driven economic crunch seems to be to blame for a spike in suicides by farmers, insurers say.  READ MORE

The International Diabetes Federation predicts that by 2040 over 642-million people worldwide will be diagnosed with the disease.  READ MORE

“Infrastructure development continues to stimulate industry across the region while expanding services to the largely unserviced markets remains the key driver behind growth.”  READ MORE

A lack of skilled procurement talent adds to the pressure on organisations who need to cut costs without jeopardising quality and service levels.  READ MORE

“We estimate that a prototypical German property and casualty insurer that adopted all seven of the technologies could increase its revenues by up to 28 per cent within five years, reduce claims payouts by as much as 19 per cent and cut policy administration costs by as much as 72 per cent.”  READ MORE