In the news today: Eskom in the spotlight, Capitec drama, and Day Zero pop-up event


More to the story

Eskom’s interim results show a much reduced profit of R6.3 billion, down from R9.5 billion a year ago, but how will the results change when SOC level is considered?  READ MORE

Day Zero pop-up event

Book your seat for the RISKAFRICA pop-up event that deals with the water crisis in the Western Cape and the impact this will have not only on the tourism industry but on local industry at large.   READ MORE

A mighty crash

The biggest digital currency sank as much as 22% to $6 579 before trading at $7 054 as of 16:08 New York time, according to Bloomberg.  READ MORE

Past lessons

What lessons were learned over the course of 2017 for the team at Santam Insurance? Head of intermediate distribution, Andrew Coutts, speaks on the turbulent year that was.  READ MORE

Report stays true

Viceroy says Capitec’s mechanism of underrepresenting losses was to “pretend” that uncollectable loans were collectable.  READ MORE