In the news today: everybody’s talking VAT, new crypto for Venezuela and RISKAFRICA on Expresso Show


VAT raised 1%

“I think that we had reached a point where they’ve tinkered with almost every other tax option except VAT, and they now had to do it,” said PwC economist, Christie Viljoen.  READ MORE

TV debut

Yesterday’s Expresso Morning Show highlighted RISKAFRICA‘s ZeroPop-Up Day Event happening on 28 February 2018. If you missed it click the link, or book your ticket for the event on our events page.  WATCH NOW

Coronation under attack

The company is under investigation due to its unusual long-term remuneration scheme that operates outside of official channels.  READ MORE

SOEs to change their tune

Experts say the time is ripe for government to unpack monoliths like Eskom, Transnet and the Passenger Rail Agency of SA in preparation for partial privatisation or public listings.  READ MORE

Venezuela crypto launched

Advisers of the Venezuelan government say 38.4% of the petros should be sold at a private auction at 60% discount to help the country circumvent its quadruple-digit inflation and chronic food and medicine shortages.  READ MORE