Old Mutual iWYZE and Pineapple announce partnership


Old Mutual iWYZE and Pineapple Insurance are excited to announce a new partnership that promises to shake up the short-term insurance industry by changing the way South Africans experience insurance. It’s an industry-first collaboration that’s here to disrupt the status quo.

Globally, collaborations between traditional insurers and insurtechs such as Pineapple are becoming increasingly apparent, motivated by the need for a more customer-centric service offering for consumers and their ever-changing needs. iWYZE and Pineapple joined forces to challenge the traditional insurance model by working together to provide their customers with an insurance option that is easy, accessible and completely digitalised.

The pairing of two insurance pioneers

iWYZE is part of Old Mutual, one of our country’s oldest and most trusted insurers, always protecting the things that matter to customers. iWYZE has the industry knowledge such as robust risk profiling and management and extensive underwriting on lockdown, which is essential for this partnership. Newcomer Pineapple Insurance brings a fresh and unique answer to the insurance customer with an innovative and entirely digitised approach to insurance to give consumers affinity, fairness, transparency and simplicity. When you bring the strengths of each brand together and couple it with a healthy appetite for innovation and transformation, this alliance becomes a forceful and necessary agent of change.