One Loyalty launches ROAD SECURE


Whether it is assistance with Road Accident Fund Claims Administration or settling a fine, the One Loyalty ROAD SECURE product offering is said to offer hassle-free assistance and provides road-users with much-needed peace of mind.

See below for more on what this offering includes:

Provides a proactive fines-checking service with reduction of traffic fines and an easy payment channel

This traffic fines monitoring, and notification system ensures that members receive fines discounts/recoveries as well as guaranteed fines reduction of up to 100%. Members are provided full administrative support for all matters related to traffic fines. Members have the benefit of a safe, secure fines payment facility, which provides proof of settlement and peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises at future roadblocks. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Takes care of the hassle of renewing your vehicle and driver’s licenses.

No more queuing at the Licensing Department or Post Office! Our expert team notifies members when their licenses needs to be renewed and provides full administrative support for all license renewal issues. Filling out renewal application forms and the payment of renewal fees are taken care of on your members’ behalf. Penalty fees for license renewals will be a thing of the past! Members can also look forward to having their renewed license delivered to their home or work. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Recovers the money you spend on damage caused by potholes

Our admin management services help our members get back up to 100% of the money that they have paid out for damages to their tyres, mags, rims or vehicle caused by potholes or road works. This service extends to sourcing quotes for replacement tyres and access to preferential rates with our tyre retail partners. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Manages your Road Accident Fund claims administration

No need to worry about queries when dealing with the RAF. Our effective RAF administrative service ensures our members receive 100% of any pay-out from the RAF quickly and conveniently. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Assist in protecting your legal rights by posting bail following arrest for a minor crime

Our helpful staff are available 24/7 to post bail, if a member is arrested. Members do not have to worry about having funds available or being able to access them as we will post bail of up to R3,000 on their behalf. Our expert team provides full administrative support as well as follow-up assistance once bail has been posted. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

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