Water crisis: Open letter to all holidaying South Africans

What will happen to the water crisis when tourists flood the Mother City? An anonymous source has a request.

water crisis

Dear family and friends from Jozi and Durbs and further afield and abroad …
Sure you have read about the Mother City’s water crisis, but much like us Saffers watching the Trumpster hurl insults at that Korean dude it doesn’t really fall into your day-to-day realm of life.

Soon you are heading to Cape Town and its surrounds and usually we are sooooo happy about that; our verges get mowed when usually the only other time is the Cape Argus or Two Oceans. We cannot wait to show you our new restaurants, brag about the endless beautiful beaches and basically just kuier sommer baaie lekker!

But not this year.

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This year we are very very nervous and, if I have to be honest, a bit resentful and very scared to share our water.

Wine you can have by the case load, but ffs do not flush the toilets!

We Capetonions have become quite used, in our water crisis, to wearing the same clothes for days on end, our kids are now forced to do swimming at school (those whose schools still have open pools as 27 out of 34 municipal pools have been closed already) because it means they don’t need to bath at home, and walking into an unflushed yellow loo at a restaurant or a mall gets the exiter a nod of “thank you for doing your bit and not flushing”.

But you dear visitor, you have come from lands of plenty. Most of you still bath, shower endlessly, flush your toilets with CLEAN PURE DRINKING WATER and your swimming pools and gardens can actually be used for those purposes unlike most of our brown scrubby arid gardens.

How do we get across to you the severity of no water from 20 May 2018 when you will all be long gone back home? It’s insane and I really don’t blame you for not believing it, I mean Cape Town is a jewel of the world, first-world brilliance how can this be possible?

Every single person in the western Cape who is hosting visitors, guest houses and hotels, I don’t really care HOW much your guest is paying you the resource has to be protected. Paying fines? Accepting that you will “just get a high bill” is NOT going to give us back our water.

So our dear visitors to our water crisis … please please please, don’t have long showers when you get off the beach, don’t flush toilets with fresh water – most of us by now have incredibly sophisticated bucket systems going and will happily show you how to flush.

You don’t want to be sitting back home reading posts from your loved ones how they have to go stand in a queu patrolled by the army for five litres of water simply because you wanted to bath each night.

But apart from that have a SUPER time ….