Sapiens to provide digital enhancement of Alexander Forbes’ platform


Financial services provider Alexander Forbes Group Holdings and global software provider Sapiens International Corporation have colluded to enhance the delivery of Alexander Forbes’ client experience and solutions. 

Under the agreement, Sapiens will provide a range of digital services to Alexander Forbes to “enhance its capability”, according to a joint press release by the two companies. Alexander Forbes Group chief executive Andrew A. Darfoor says, “The transaction with Sapiens is the largest single investment in technology and digital in our company’s history.”

It is part of its strategy of providing clients financial solutions through a modern platform and improved customer experience, explains Darfoor.

The core systems, which include Sapiens ALIS for life and pensions, and Sapiens IDIT and Sapiens Reinsurance for short-term insurance, together with the Sapiens PORTAL, Sapiens INTELLIGENCE and Sapiens DECISION for decision management, will provide end-to-end, integrated digital capabilities across all lines of business. Sapiens will serve as the primary implementation partner.

“We were looking for a strategic partner that could provide us with modern technology and a digital platform in order to deliver innovative and best-in-class solutions to our client base” says Darfoor.

“Alexander Forbes selected Sapiens based on our ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for products, services and delivery,” says Sapiens President and CEO Roni Al-Dor, . “Sapiens’ portfolio will enable a full modernisation and digital transformation,” he says.